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About the Author

NOAH BOOTH is a high school student in Kingston, Ontario, where he lives with his three younger siblings, two loving parents, a dog, a rabbit, and eight chickens. He is an elite runner, not-so-elite basketball player, competitive swimmer, and a Great Lakes surfer. He spends his summers sailing on Lake Ontario and canoe-tripping in Temagami. From a young age he did odd jobs at home and for neighbours to earn money. At the age of ten he started to invest his savings under the guidance of his parents’ investment advisor and his investing-savvy nana. His interest in finances led to him doing lots of research and reading many books. While pursuing his interest he found that there were very few books and resources for teens on the topic of personal finance. This puzzled him because he realized how important it is to learn about finances, and that the best time is while you’re young. Not letting this go, he decided to write a book.

About Noah